Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome to Swaynton

I will start by welcoming you to the Blog of Swaynton. The intention is that this blog will follow the progress (or lack of) on Swaynton for Millcliffe-on-Sea, or as it simply known, Swaynton.

For those of you not familiar with the layout I will refer you to our webpage here.

Looking back over the material I have I am surprised at how long it has taken us to get the layout to this point. And it is still not finished! The Layout was started way back in 1995, some people tell me that an exhibition layout should only have a ten year life!
I am hoping that other members of the team will help contribute to this little blog as well as other readers with suitable comments, suggestions and hopefully some discussions about the layout and the time and era it depicts.

We will also post suitable blog entries from other blogs here as a point of reference.

I have started this blog by placing into the banner what I think is now the classic picture of Swaynton taken by Phillip Hall and published in MRJ (Model Railway Journal, Wild Swan).

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