Monday, November 5, 2012

Next meeting of the EMGS North West Surrey Area Group (NWSAG) in November.

The venues for the December and November meetings have been swapped.
So see you all at WOKING this week.
Detials are in the EMGS newsletter. If you don't have a copy or want to know where or just want to come to a meeting send me a message via the website.

Up for discussion:

So Swaynton is to be partly assembled and spruced up for another photo session in the next month.
It's last photo session was a couple of years ago when MRJ commisioned an article on the layout. Phillip Hall spent the day photographing the model and came up with the striking picture used in our banner.
Douglas will be bringing along the electromagnet for testing of AJ's.
Richard should have more tales from Metroplolitan Junction.

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