Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of the friends of Swaynton.

Latest news, I have just got around to changing the website, is that we are not going to be at Melksham in 2013. This frees us up to accept an invite to the Crawley MRS show at Horsham in April. As yet we have yet to get confirmation.
That will give us our three outings for 2013 and a possible outing in 2014.

So on with plans for 2013.
Progress is still static with the curved boards. It is a case of rain holding off play as there is no room to cut and assemble them indoors. The plan is to create two curves to either turn Swaynton into a roundy-roundy or have the option to put the end-to-end fiddle yards behind the layout. The rational for this is that exhibition managers seem to have an issue with the dead areas at the ends of the layout where the current fiddle yards are. Also a through deck fiddle yard would also allow us to run longer trains. We do feel a little embarrassed that we can only run 5 coach trains. The Belle looks particularly truncated. We are hoping that we can run trains up to ten coaches long. The current method of Fiddle yard operation doesn't allow us to do that even though we can extend each end be another six feet should we so wish (and the exhibition manager grants us the space).

We have also been looking at the stock. There will some new editions at the next outing (hopefully depending on how much life gets in the way...etc). Stock has been purchased and is being converted to run some foreign train formations. There were some inter-regional trains that came to Bournemouth. York and Birkenhead for instance. As well as a pigeon special.
Anyone got any ideas how to replicate several hundred pigeons taking off?

I must also have a look at the coal in the coal merchants yard. When I planted the coal slaithes I didn't realise (forgot to research properly) that the coal would have arrived pregraded and so the slaithes would have different grades of coal in them. Doh!

We also have to plant the ground signals (dummies) that I have made up.
Unfortunately the location for each one seems to have hit a baseboard cross member!
Anyway the plan is to get these planted and working. So Douglas will have to be busy making up some more slugged solenoids.

Ah well time for some more mulled wine.

Happy Modelling.


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  1. These are really excellent signals Andy; very nicely modelled!