Monday, February 25, 2013

Update 2013

Is it too late to wish you all a happy New Year?
First appologies for the lack of updates. There hasn't been much activity since December that is really worth posting.
Unfortunatly key members of the group have been affected by lifes little mishaps and so planned activities have not happened.
The planned signal planting has not gone ahead as we have found ourselves with either no time or place to set up the baseboards. It doesn't help that the locations of each signal falls on a baseboard support. As it is we are planning to make up a blank to go over the one hole we have drilled and then make an assessment of work when we next set the layout up. This will probably be at the Crawley MRS show. we then have the summer to be able set up boards in a garage or hall if we can find one that is not full of stuff.

If anyone has a space that we could use with power and light please contact us.

Richard has been progressing some N15's although I beleive that will be in Southern Green so will be before the target period of 1960. But gives us the option of perhaps backdating the layout by 20 to 30 years. There was not much difference in the infrastructure in that period. Which is probably why modernisation came to be such a shock. Within ten years the line had been electrified, and electric and desiels replaced steam that dissapeared along with the goods yard.

For myself I have been working on upgrading a Hornby Bogie B van.


Modifications included conversion to EM (obviously) adding AJ couplings, installing Roxey window guards and adding a little weathering.
The only things that bother me is the size of the lettering on the gaurds door and the shape of the rain gutters.

For discussuion on the Hornby Bogie B and my notes on conversion follow the link to RMWeb

Next meeting of the NorthWest Surrey EMGS group is as per EMGS newsletter at my place in Woking.
If anyone is interested in coming to this meeting (you don't have to be an EM member of modeller but we may encourage you to become a member at some point) please contact me using the form on the Swaynton web site or via this blog.

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